Wednesday, April 13, 2011

walking down memory lane ... summer 2010

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slow saturday

YO people , slow saturday =) , but its about to get really crazy :D , i am going to watch geetay show today , that should really be fun :D, will post up some pictures later =) , caio for now ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dargons Semi Finals Game 1

Just got back from a game with some friend , really had allot of fun. four of the friends were were in the half time show dancing , it is off the hook ! :D .. really off the hook.

have no time to write more cause , i am going to watch Tosh.O with some friends .. it so funny

Here is the video from my friends show sundsvall how it is done ! ENJOY :D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ITS......ALIVE !!!! ...again :P


Well, Its been awhile since i updated this blogg and i have probably lots my faithful blogg follows ... hope you are not too angry at my because of the bad update. And if you are well, I would like to say i am sorry and hope you can forgive me ! ... please dont quiet on me , i can change !!! i will make it up to you all with come crazy stories of what i have been up to, when i was out having a life, and dissing you all , hahaha...

But first thing is first... Patience is important , in this blogger to blogger / blogger to reader relationship :P, school has been keeping my a**s busy, and now that i only have 2 months left and i have a big ass thesis to write i can only promise to try in update it as much as i can. I PROMISE TO TRY, thats IT :P

whats is my thesis about ask ? well its about... Management Of Marketing Channels: Improving Organizational establishment and Creating Competitive advantage.

now i understand your next question ... and what is that ? well there is an organisation named KAN (knowledge, Activities and Networking)

And they have a problem that i am going to help them with. KANs main problem is that they do not have the financial recourses to market themselves and compete on the same level and other coaching organization in the same industry. They are a none profit organization and their funds are very limited. Because of this problem they are unable to market themselves efficiently. The symptoms of this dilemma are very visible because they are unable to get allot of customers/ unemployed/job seekers to participate in Inspiration Monday and other activities.

This unfortunately is not a problem only facing KAN alone. There are many organizations having the same problem, especially small organizations. Many small organizations today are having a hard time competing in their industry either against other organization of similar size of larger. This is mostly due to the fact the most small organizations do not have the financial recourses in order for them to compete.

Many organizations are struggling to find new ways to create comparative advantage. There is a need for a smart, effective and low cost marketing strategy that allows these organizations to be able to compete. Before such strategy can be created, a fundamental question must be answered. Is it possible for an organization to market themselves effectively and successfully without any resources? (Especially for none profit organizations)
Many organizations have started using Social media as a marketing channel? (Facebook, YouTube and twitter) this is a new Creative and innovative marketing s channel of the twenty-first century, but is it really efficient and effective?


If that was not your next question then just skip that hole part.
in other news something funny happened to me this week. One of my best firend got an apartment, we wented to housing office and they gave us the adress and i noticed that it was in my biulding and he did not know where it was so he asked me to help him find it, when we got there (to the building) we noticed that the apartment next door to mine is vacant, and i said Humm... it could be that one!? , so he tried to open, and it OPEN :O hahaha what are the odds that they would gave him an apartment next to mine, our apartments are now like 2 meters away from each other.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scotland tomorrow

finaly i can get away for a much need break , hello edinbrugh , goodbye sundsvall see you in sunday =)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Emergency Room

This blogg is in the emergency room right now :P , I am so busy with other things that i never really get much time to write anything in this blogg , but every once in a while i find myself not having much to do and then i post something.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back from the dead

I´m finaly back from the dead , and will start being more active on this blogg again ,

i did not know that there were to many people who used to follow my blogg i got lots of interesting respondes from the topic and ideas i have been writing about.

I have now started with my Masters at Mid-sweden University and it feel awesome.i even have my own apartment. Things are going really well, i like my teachers , have allot of cool class mates even though some time i keep wondering how they managed to finish a B.A and start with an M.A . i have also been checking out possibility for internships in stockholm, cause i was really like to move there.

I miss George. he has been doing allot of traveling and had alot of interesting stories to tell. it was really good catching up again.

my summer has been awesome ! I even made a video about it

i will write more later about for now . Enjoy the video !! :)

Summer 2010